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Why Weather Mtaani?

Residents who live in informal settlements are often particularly affected and vulnerable to climate change and extreme weather events e.g. heavy rainfall causing flooding or extreme heat leading to water shortages and disease outbreaks. 


Useful information about the climate and weather, however, are often difficult to access and to understand due to being very technical and lacking relevant impact descriptions and advices.

If information is easier to access and more relevant people can better plan and are prepared. They will be less negatively affected by extreme weather and climatic conditions.

Weather Mtaani Partners


Kenya Meteorological Department

The Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) is concerned with the provision of meteorological and climatological services to different sectors such as agriculture, forestry, water resources management, civil aviation and the private sector among others. KMD’s weather and climate information services include collecting observations and providing weather and climate forecasts across a range of timescales, from one day-ahead to a season ahead outlooks. KMD produces a 24-hour ahead outlook daily, a forecast of average conditions for the next five days and, at the start of each week, a seven-day average forecast.  KMD, which operates at national level, has devolved its services to the 47 counties in the country.

Ghetto Radio FM 89.5

Ghetto Radio FM 89.5 is a Nairobi based radio station broadcasting in “Sheng” (Kenyan Slang) news, information, sports and lifestyle programmes. The station’s target audience are the youths living in informal settlement in Nairobi and the city’s surroundings. Ghetto Radio Nairobi was established in 2007.

Pamoja 99.9FM

Pamoja FM 99.9 is community radio station located in Kibera, one of the largest informal settlements in Nairobi. Pamoja means “together” in Kiswahili. Pamoja FM is a project of Pamoja Development Centre (PADEC), a registered community organisation. PADEC was registered in 2006. The station went on air in 2007 aiming to promote unity among the diverse ethnic communities living in Kibera and to contribute to development through dissemination of education and information. The station’s coverage area is 5 km radius and shares the common frequency, 99.9 FM with other informal settlement based community radios in Nairobi.

Andolo Residents 

Most of the residents in Andolo who take part in the Weather Mtaani pilots are members of the Andolo Bridge Community (ABC) group, a community based organisation located in an area called on the border between Lindi and Silanga villages in Kibera. The group operates a Kibera Public Space Project co-designed with the Kounkuey Design Initiative. Activities and services the group undertake include saving and loaning, and water vending among others. During the rainy season the residents of Andolo are often badly affected by flooding.

Makina Residents

Most of the residents in Makina who take part in the Weather Mtaani pilot are members of the the Vijana Usafi MAendelo (VUMA) group,  a youth group based in Makina, Kibera. The group is in the process of building a Kibera Public Space Project together with the Kounkuey Design Initiative. Activities and services the group undertake include garbage collection, saving and loaning, toilet and shower service, and water vending among others. During the rainy season flooding is a frequent issue in Makina.

Sokomoko Residents

The Sokomoko residents are located in Gatwekera and Kisumu Ndogo along Ngong River in Kibera. Residents in this area are particularly at risk of flooding and therefore have joined hands to warn their families, neighbours and friends living in the same area.

Laini Saba Residents

The Laini Saba residents are located in the Laini Saba village, Kibera. The community in Laini Saba is very diverse and engages in various business activities. To be less affected by flooding and fire outbreaks which are common in the area,  community members have joined hands to warn their families, neighbours and friends living in the same area.



Resurgence is the project lead of the DARAJA project. Resurgence is a social enterprise based in the UK and specialises in climate risk communication and innovation to reduce climate risks in cities. Resurgence particularly works through public, private and civic partnerships to co-design weather and climate services, including inclusive early warning systems.


Behind Weather Mtaani

DARAJA Project Consortium 

Kounkuey Design Initiative

Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI) is the implementing partner of the DARAJA project in Nairobi, Kenya. KDI is a non-profit community development and design organsiation which partners with under-resourced communities to advance equity and activate unrealised potentials in their neighbourhoods and cities.


Center For Community Initiatives

Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI) is the implementing partner of the DARAJA project in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. CCI is a national support NGO formed by Tanzanians with a desire of providing technical and financial assistance to communities living in informal settlements through the community groups known as Tanzania Urban Poor Federation (TUPF).

The DARAJA project is funded through the Met Office (the UK’s national meteorological service) by UK aid through the Weather and Climate Information Services for Africa (WISER) programme. The WISER programme's mission is to improve the quality, accessibility and use of weather and climate information services at all levels of decision making for sustainable development in Africa.


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