Weather Mtaani – is an initiative that aims at improving access to and the usability of weather and climate information (weather forecasts, seasonal outlooks, weather warnings etc.) produced by the Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) for Nairobi’s residents who live in informal settlements, like Kibera, Mathare, Dandora, Mukuru, Korogocho, Kangemi and others.


What can YOU do?


Tujipange Pamoja!

Community SMS System

Every Thursday 5 community leaders from various areas (Sokomoko, Makina, Andolo, Laini Saba)  in Kibera meet to summarise the weekly forecast released by the Kenya Meteorological Department. The summary is shared through SMS, word of mouth and on social media to other community leaders who again share the information with various other people, including teachers, pastors, workmates, neighbours and family members.


On Ghetto Radio 89.5 FM, Pamoja 99.9 FM, Koch FM 99.9, Ruben FM 99.9, Mtaani FM 99.9, and Ghetto FM 99.9 different Weather Mtaani programmes are on-going. Daily weather updates are released on the stations at different times and awareness messages on how to use weather information are regularly released.

Awareness Events

Weather Mtaani leaders in Kibera have been organizing clean-up activities to inform their communities about the rainy season, their initiative and how to take preventive action. Furthermore, the Weather Mtaani leaders are engaging with schools and children to create awareness within their neighbourhoods.




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